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MLM Software development

Hybrid MLM Software Development Process

Before we deploy our software products, our entire team put in maximum effort to ensure that the software passes through the complete project stages in order to meet our high-tech expectation standards, as well as meet our client’s requirements. The completion time depends on the scope and nature of MLM needs of our client. However, you can go live (plus our 24/7 support service) with the delivered software when you are satisfied with the DEMO test-run which must have passed through the following process stages;

Software Development Process - Hybrid MLM Software

Hybrid MLM Software Development Process

Stage 1: Planning and Analysis

This is the most important stage of or software development process. Here, we identify, plan and organize the business marketing needs, as well as the expectations of the customers, to meet the marketing objectives of our client. At this stage, we also get a detailed overview of the software project.

Stage 2: Design and Development

At this stage, our designers and developers work together on how the software will be crafted. Here, the overall logical software modules, as well as the data process flow and business model are analyzed and implemented. This stage is where the actual software development takes place.

Stage 3: Testing and Modification

The testing stage is where the developed software is examined and accessed for bugs and errors. If the software happens to have any defect, then the modification phase is implemented right away to track, fix and report the errors so as to meet our high-tech quality standard.

Stage 4: Maintenance

After testing and modification, slight adjustments might still be made to suit the expectations and needs of your customers for optimum efficiency. Then the software project can be deployed.

Stage 5: Delivery

The completed software solution is delivered to our client with customer support service from our team for a period of 6 months for a hitch-free operation.

MLM Software development

The Hybrid Advantage

Employing the services of hybrid MLM software company comes with loads of benefits:

  • Team of effective and committed professionals : software development needs the commitment of dedicated team members, and with Hybrid MLM, you will be working with a team of professionals that are willing to work for the success of your business.
  • Integrity and quality assurance : the MLM software we deliver is totally reliable and 100% secured. We use the best quality MLM tools, so you can be assured of the software quality that we deliver.
  • Flexible interface for multiple platforms : since majority of the customers that will be using your services will do so on their mobile devices, we have also made our MLM software to be mobile-friendly. This option will give you an edge over most of your competitors.
  • Our software solutions are affordable : usually, the higher the quality, the higher the cost. But with Hybrid MLM, we help you meet your business goals, make more profit, in a cost effective manner.
  • Research and development : we understand that software technologies are constantly changing, and we design our software to easily adapt to recent technologies, keeping your business at the top at all times.